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Our Story

PuraGlo Wood Fuels is brought to you by Galtee Wood Products which is part of the The Galtee Group and is a family owned business has been in the manufacture of wood products for almost 40 years .

Our location in Mid Munster has to date served us well towards suppling the market’s needs .

As a manufacturing company we have a conscientious view on quality and producing efficiently to meet the customer demands.

We have been producing wood pellets in house for almost 20 years . To date we have produced wood pellets purely as a means to utilise wood waste materials .

However now as the demand for Eco friendly products is on the rise Galtee Wood has identified the opportunity to convert the market away from using fossil fuel products.

As wood is a carbon neutral product we have decided to widened our range of wood fuels would like now to introduce you to our latest developments on our PuraGlo Eco Fuels range.

Our objectives are to demonstrate to the market that we can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels , supplying a trustworthy source of PuraGlo Woodfuels , whilst at the same time moving forward with more modern and efficient methods of heating your home .

We hope to become your partner soon in improving the climate we live in .

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